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What is the point of difference in your brand? It might be your references

How do you think customers choose to use your company, over a competitor?  You might think that you offer a great service – but they will only know that after they’ve used you.  Maybe your prices are competitive, but unless you’re displaying them publicly, then most new customers won’t be aware of them before making contact. The truth is: your brand is often what influences a purchasing decision by a new customer.  This means that taking control of that brand is a critical step on the path to success.  Many small businesses think that branding isn’t for them – they believe it’s what multinational firms pay agencies to create for them.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  Companies of all sizes should focus on creating a brand that truly reflects their values, which should be distinctive and unique. .  For small firms, with a local presence or industry focus, branding is absolutely critical.  However, you might think that branding isn’t something you can have any insight into, …